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Schi;ya Construction is an indigenous owned construction company based out of Seabird Island British Columbia. We are geared towards improving living conditions, as well as addressing the lack of housing in first nations communities. Schi;ya does renovations, remodels and new home construction.


Mathew Point:  "It started when I could no longer turn my head from the housing crisis in my own community and the immense need for improved conditions and for new builds to help overcome overcrowding."


 A truck and a Vision, along with passion and determination, turned Schi;ya from a dream to a reality. The fleet has gone from 1 to 11, and employees have grown from a handful to 12


Schi;ya offers a judgement-free, indigenous-sensitive experience with a wide range of services to cover all our clients' individual needs. As all Schi;ya employees are also indigenous, they understand the deep-rooted struggles many families have gone through and offer a high level of compassion and care to our clients.


Our Team.

We have a team of 13, highly dedicated, detail oriented crew members.


Indigenous homes built with indigenous hands!

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